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HUMS PRESS is a medical publisher for research of Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences (HUMS), Iran.


 About Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences

 HUMS, a developing and talented university located in Bandar Abbas city, the southern point of Iran, was established in 1983. The HUMS offers infrastructures, schools, departments, research centers and various medical institutes and has six faculties including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, healthcare and paramedicine. This university provides higher educational courses in many study areas that approved by Iranian ministry of health. The bachelor, MSc and Ph.D (research field) degrees are being issued officially.  


HUMS PRESS plays a role as a leading publishing group amongst other medical publisher with a wide variety of research and clinical fields that aims to expand its activity to higher level by investigation as a robust collaboration with international teams in new dominions of medical sciences.

HUMS PRESS publishes several academic journals in the field of medical, diagnostics, pharmaceutical sciences, nursing, preventive medicine and healthcare. Today, HUMS PRESS has expanded its publishing activities in all research and medical fields and covers the articles of all faculties and research centers of HUMS.

HUMS PRESS is supervised by the Hormozgan medical sciences Health Informatics and Scientific Resources, a division of the Department of Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology at university. All editors, chief editor and informatics staffs collaborate and interact to maintain the progress. Committees, meetings and idea exchange sessions are held weekly or monthly between journal editors.

The Council for Scholarly Journals

The meetings of the Council for Scholarly Journals are held to discuss and determine the scientific goals, strategic plans, and the road map, as well as the policies governing HUMS PRESS journals.

These idea exchange sessions members that attend consecutively, include the Vice Chancellor for Research & Technology, the Director of Health Informatics & Scientific Resources, the Supervisor of the Academic Publication Office, and the Chief Editors of the journals published by HUMS PRESS.

The Experts Committee for Scholarly Journal Publication

Due to the expansion of new research fields and the emergence of interdisciplinary fields, journals must also adapt to the existing conditions. Holding these weekly meetings encourages researchers to design better studies, and editors are more successful in selecting high quality articles.

The Council for Books and Monographs

Book publishing is one of the specialized fields in medical sciences as well as research. The members of the council include the Vice Chancellor for Research, the Director of Health Informatics & Scientific Resources, the Supervisor of the Academic Publication Office, and six expert faculty members. Some of new fields in research that published in collaboration with faculty members put in the HUMS site, including Malacology, Helminthology, etc.




Dr. Teamur Aghamolaei, PhD

Vice-Chancellor for Research and Technology at HUMS



Dr. Nasrin Davari Dolatabadi, PhD

Director of Health Informatics and Scientific Resources at HUMS